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Social Media marketing

Are you ready to jump into the social Media Marketing world for your business, but not sure where to start? Have you begun a social media campaign only to find yourself overwhelmed with upkeep and unsure of what to say? Or maybe you have the social media game down pat and could simply use an extra hand to keeping things going. Regardless of your situation, we promise to provide you with top notch service and no nonsense advice you need to build online relationships, share content and promote your brand through popular social media outlets.

Social Media Consulting

We offer social media consulting services that we custom tailor to your specific needs. As well we offer training on an individual basis and corporate level. We train on social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, Digg, Stumble upon and others. We will help find and engage your brand in relevant conversions across social media outlets. The ways we help our clients leverage the true power of social media are as varied as the social media websites themselves. Have any questions? Just ask us!

Social Media Account Set Up & Customization

When it comes to your social media account one of the most important aspects is your profile and maximizing the customizations that each media property offers. Each social media property offers different functionality so there are different ways you can optimize this within your profile through customization tools, photo sizing, profile descriptor elements and other readily available tools can make a huge difference in overall campaign results. We will analyze your goals and recommend the most relevant social media sites for your business. We then create and optimze profiles in unique ways like creating custom “tabs” and mini-sites within facebook, LinkedIn company descriptions, custom Twitter backgrounds and Youtube channel modifications.

Social Media Publishing & Promotion

Social media has become so big is due to the fact that it allows company’s and brand’s to instantly publish content that can virally be viewed by thousands within minutes. It has turned into a huge traffic driver for many big business’ that have started to implement.

Here are some ways we use Social Media for your business:

* We promote quality content on your website that viewers will easily be able to share across the social world
* We help you design contests and giveaways that have a great viral track record
* We bookmark and share your content on social media sites like Digg, StumbleUpon, reddit, and others
* We promote your content by sharing links on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and others

Questions? Chat with us!