Xperience Online

Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is by far becoming one of the fastest growing platforms in the internet marketing world today! Mobile phone users are estimated at over 5 billion, if you compare that to only 1 billion desktop/at home online users it is obvious it is growing. With all the amazing case studies and results many top corporations are already getting, it would be a mistake for business’ of all sizes not to take advantage of this.

Here at X-Online we have been testing the mobile market for months to fine tune marketing methods on the affiliate marketing level and the local advertising level. We have found benefits in both and that part of the reason we are going to start extending this service to the public. Here is a short list of our most popular Mobile services

– Mobile website development
– Campaign creation/management
– Driving traffic to mobile websites/ landing pages/ using traditional ppc methods but on mobile platform
– Pay per click traffic to get your phones ringing with interested prospects
– Mobile Email list building and Mobile email marketing
– SMS text message campaign creation/management
– Bi-weekly 30 minute phone conference calls
– Consulting on Mobile marketing

As part of our campaign development we will work with your current marketing/development team to create all advertising material, creatives/images for the campaign. With our campaign management we constantly split test new ad copy based on our stats and analytics we gather. All analytics software used is the best that is available and constantly monitored. After we split test a campaign and find that winning combination of elements we will be able to consult you on future projects for that campaign.